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Christian CARE is a charity working in the London Borough of Merton. We are a group of 35 volunteers from 15 different churches. We welcome and offer help to anyone whatever their race, colour or religion. Each year we support over 150 families whose lives are in crisis.

When times are difficult and stressful, we have befrienders who can listen and offer support. When there is no food, we can bring an emergency parcel. When there is no money to buy furniture for that empty flat, we have second-hand furniture in store. When a new baby arrives we have the essentials ready as well as clothes for young, growing children.


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St Joseph's School, India.

St Joseph’s Nazareth English Medium School 

The school can be found in Manampuzha, a small place in Kunnathur Village Panchayat, in Kunnathur Taluk, Kollam district of Kerala, India.

The school was set up in 1991 as an English Convent Medium School and is set in 4 acres of grounds. We support the school each year by donating the money that we collect in eh large brown glass bottle, that is currently in the prayer area. In 2016 the bottle raised approximately £150 but we increased the amount to £250 with the agreement of the PCC.
I have written below some information about the school that was taken from their website I have been unable to find out how many pupils attend the school, but have found out that they have 17 members of staff (2 part-time) and 19 people on the governing body, many are Sisters from the Nazareth Convent.

I hope that in reading about it, that it inspires you to help fill our pennies jar!!


Our vision is to build a strong foundation for value based education to bring up children as real and responsible citizens of our country. The school aims at empowering the children of the poor and illiterate, achieving academic excellence along with systematic training in sports, painting, music, dance and other co-curricular activities tending to leadership qualities. We pay individual attention to each student and the class strength is limited accordingly.

Our  objectives  are :-

1- To assist the student in assimilating knowledge through the fundamental  process of learning.

2 – To stimulate an awareness of moral and cultural values.

3  – To train the student to use their time wisely.

4 – To inculcate qualities like courtesy, gentlemanliness, mutual respect, self confidence, patriotism, civic sense, responsibility, love, compassion and fear of God.

5 – To prepare the child to become an independent and self reliant member of the society.

The educational effect and activities of the school have been organised and purposefully directed towards achieving the above goals.


The school follows CBSE syllabus. The medium of instruction is English. The first language is Malayalam.  English is taught as second language. Hindi is offered as third language.


(i) Nursery :RS.600 per month (about £7)

(ii) 1 TO V :RS.600 per month

(iii) VI TO VIII :RS.600 per month

(iv) IX TO X :RS.700 per month


(i) Size of the Library: 30×20 sq.feet

(ii) No. of Periodicals :18

(iii) No. of Dailies: 7

(iv) No. of Reference books: 250

(v) N0. of magazines: 10

(vi) Others: 1700